About us - Bakinpassion

 Self taught and get to enjoy combining hobby and small business as a single entity. I loved baking with my mom and I guess  my baking journey started since primary school days.  

As engineering trained, I love to experiment new ideas and materials to optimize the taste with minimum wastage. An attribute that I essentially inherited from my belated mom not to waste foods. She always says:  DON'T WASTE FOOD AS OTHERS IN OTHER PART OF THE WORLD ARE STARVING.

My favorite part of baking is the pure joy on people compliments and being recognized in competitions and events.
I create this website as an outlet so that everyone can enjoy a treat at a reasonable price.
Almost everything that you choose from the cookies collection is made from scratch in my kitchen, I love making sure that I use the healthiest ratio and ingredients in the cookies. Am not a doctor but I at least I make sure what you consume is friendly to your body.

Thank you so much for being the part of my creative journey
Mission: Taste it...Love it....& Pass it on so that everyone can enjoy.